Aug 20 2012

Kaysee’s Letter

Stress Test edition : Playing World of Warcraft.....
History of the Asuras

Welcome adventurers!

Unfortunatly, I am currently running low on signs, but release is soon upon us so I will be able to stock up on a lot of signs. In  the meantime, Kaysee’s contest ended a couple of days ago and you might have seen a mysterious New Krytan message. Well here is the translation :

Note: This letter is 100% fictional and written by Kaysee. Nothing is to be taken as Canon.

”Dear Chronicles of tyria

As you know, we have set up a base deep within the Brisban Wildlands to experiment with asura gate atheric frequencies. Our project has been a resounding success, especially since my unique brand of brilliance has propelled our research two years ahead of projected prognosis. However, our vital research has hit a minor hiccup. My idiot of a lab assistant accidentally configured the lattice configurator crystals incorrectly, and as a result the configurator’s configuration has been reconfigurate incorrectly. The gates have been spewing hordes of magical beasts from all corners of Tyria into our research base. Of course these beasts are no match against my brilliance, but they have become an annoyance. Indeed, we cannot access my lab anymore. We need to reconfigure the gates to stop this havoc. My brain dead assistant needs your help solving this problem. I have included 10 particular conundrums that need solving. At this rate, we can only hold out for a week before we are overrun. So despite your obvious brain deficiencies, we ask that you make haste with your calculations.


Stay tune next week for my special edition on Asuran.

If you have some screenshots waiting to be deciphered, please send them to!

Stress Test edition : Playing World of Warcraft.....
History of the Asuras
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