Jun 26 2012

Azalea, The Sylvari

Azalea, The Sylvari
Chapter 2: The welcoming

My name is Azalea, and I am Sylvari.

Profession: Ranger
Race: Sylvari
Hometown: The Grove
Quote: No one is made guilty by fate.

I was born into suffering, and through it I have learnt to overcome adversity through ferocity. The Pale Tree awakened me during the cycle of day. I was born ready to fight and experience the world first-hand. Like most Sylvari, I revere the Ventari tablet. Above all, I believe that the most important of Ventari’s teaching is “act with wisdom, but act’.

During my dream of dreams, I saw the nightmare. My troubled dream disturbed my fellow Sylvari and attracted the attention of darker forces. I was only one month old when I was snatched by the merciless claws of the Nightmare Court.

Alone, hurt and confused, this is where my story begins.

Azalea, the sylvari, saw a terrifying Nightmare during the dream of dreams. The Nightmare scared and confused Azalea, so she escaped to the forest with her companion Stalk, the Fern Hound. However, an even crueler fate was waiting for her there. She was snatched by the Nightmare Court, and now she awaits her fate at their hands.

Azalea, the sylvari, was only a month old when she was snatched by the merciless claws of the Nightmare Court. She was tortured and abused by the Nightmare Court. When she defiantly refused to join their cruel cause, she was experimented upon by rouge asura. The trauma had a profound effect on her, mentally and physically. When she had given up hope of rescue, and succumbed to the reality that she would die at the brutal hands of the Nightmare Court, she awoke to find a mysterious pendant, and her cell door unlocked. Gravely wounded, she frantically flees for her life.


Azalea, the sylvari, has finally escaped the terrifying talons of the Nightmare Court, and fled into the jungles of the Caldeon Forest. She stumbled upon a small group of travelers who mercifully took care of her. Hans, a human elementalist, and his companion, Lurk the asuran necromancer, are being escorted by the charrs, Kilgar and Farkuz, to Ascalon. Despite her rescue, Azalea’s body has been deformed by the Nightmare Court’s torture. Feeling insecure about her scared body, she decides against returning  to her life in the Grove to journey with the band of travelers to Ascalon. This is where her story continues…

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Azalea, The Sylvari
Chapter 2: The welcoming
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