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About the authors; Kaysee (Ally)

About the authors; Naveen
About the authors; Alucardalina

Ally (Kaysee) was born and raised in sunny Australia. Despite living in a country where the national past time is going to the beach, Ally preferred to stay at home and play computer games more. From a young age, she had a passion for MMOs, but her frugal personality never permitted her to purchase a subscription game. Thus fatefully beginning her relationship with Guild Wars.

As well as being an avid gamer, Ally loves writing just as much. Her house and hard-drive are filled with crazy narratives, some going back to the 1990s! Ally also has a passion for languages and is currently studying Japanese and Chinese. She loves Japanese culture and studied in Japan for a short time before returning home to finish her degree. She often goes under the name of Kaysee online and in-game, so if you see her, say hi!

She is the author of Azalea the Sylvari. If you would like to contact her, please feel free to email: kaysee@chroniclesoftyria.com


About the authors; Naveen
About the authors; Alucardalina

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    […] I would like to thank Kaysee who has done a marvelous job with her own fanfictions and the editing of all the stories submitted […]

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