Jun 25 2012

And the winner is…

Contest - Time to vote!
Design our Logo/banner contest!

Greetings Tyrians!

You have read, you have voted! Here are the results of the contest’s poll and the public’s winner!

Congratulations to Alexandra R. for winning first place! You will be able to read her story on CoT very soon as this week will unfold!

Seeing how Chronicles of Tyria has recently suffered a writer casualty, I have decided that the contest would have two winners! That’s right! Chronicles of Tyria now has two new writers on board! More entertainment on the way!

The runner-up, Mark Opera, will also be a new author here on CoT and you will find out in the following days if his story will remain the same, or if a new character will make it’s appearance within Chronicles of Tyria.

Thank you for taking the time to vote, and thanks to all those who have entered! We have received great stories and it was difficult to chose finalists to begin with.

Stay tuned for more news on Chronicles of Tyria in the following weeks! We have a few surprises in store for you guys, and not only for the fanfiction aspect of the site!

Contest - Time to vote!
Design our Logo/banner contest!
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