Jun 16 2012

Contest – Time to vote!

The contest is over!
And the winner is...

Hello Tyrians!

At last, CoT has the last of people to have been chosen for voting! this is where you come in! The next four stories are the finalists for the new writer position for Chronicles of Tyria.

Here are the stories:

Azalea the Sylvari, by Alexandra R.
Eilidh the Sylvari, by Mark Opera
Eldamri the Sylvari, by Michel
Uuvak Warsong, the Norn, by Matej S.

Please read through them and vote for your favourite Here!

As this is heavy reading, I will give the community one week to vote. The winner will then be announced on Monday, June 25th.

Voting will stop on Sunday, June 24, Midnight EST time.

Let the voting begin! Good luck to all participants!

(You don’t need to register as a user on the forums to vote! So tell all of Tyria, and come on by the forums to cast your vote!)

The contest is over!
And the winner is...
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