May 31 2012

The contest is over!

Contest ending tomorrow!
Contest - Time to vote!

Hello Tyrians!

The contest is now closed and we would like to thank everyone who participated! We, the judges, will be reading all of your entries in the following days and will contact the participants who will be proceeding to round two.

Here’s a reminder to the participants about the steps of the contest:

  • Round 1 will consist of an individual review of your work by the staff of CoT. If you are selected to proceed to round two, a critique of your work will be returned to you and a short period will be given for the critique to be utilized in the creation of a second-draft.
  • Round 2 will consist of further individual reviews. Authors who distinquish themselves in this round will have an individual interview with the staff of CoT, after which, a small pool of finalists will be chosen.
  • Round 3 will consist of the finalist authors’ writings, which will be posted to the front page of CoT. A short period of open community voting will commence, at the end of which, a winner will be chosen.

Stay tuned for the next round and good luck to all!

Contest ending tomorrow!
Contest - Time to vote!
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