May 25

5 Days left to the writing contest!

CoT is looking for another writer! Your time to shine!
Contest ending tomorrow!

There are 5 days left to the writing contest. Have you submitted your entry, yet? Remember! This contest’s prize is a permanent Sylvari author position here at CoT!

You have until May 30, 2012 at Midnight EST to participate.

The entries we have gotten so far are looking great! The competition is fierce. We are looking forward to reading more! With this said, I would like to remind some of you one of the writing rules:

Must be in the form of a first-person narrative. Any form of narrative is acceptable; however, it must be written from the perspective of a single character, whom the author will write and develop over the course of the project.

This is very important because the author who will be selected will have to write in the narrative form all the time.

Good luck to all participants!

CoT is looking for another writer! Your time to shine!
Contest ending tomorrow!


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  1. Luihu

    “This is very important because the author who will be selected will have to right in the narrative form all the time.”

    “–will have to right in the narrative form–”

    “–to right in–”


    In the context, I find this extremely hilarious.

    1. Divinitysreach.blogspot.com

      I see what you did there.

    2. Naveen

      That’s what happens when I don’t pay attention and don’t proof read my own articles!
      True story!

    3. Luihu

      I love how you applied bold, italicizing AND underlining to the edit.

    4. Naveen

      That’s Kaenes’ doing. He’s funny like that.

  2. Mistral

    I’m not sure you’re using the term “first-person narrative” correctly here. Do you mean that the writing style has to be “…and then I walked up to the house and I looked in the window…” or purely from the perspective of a single focal character?

  3. Sirocco

    I think I need clarification on what you mean by “first-person narrative”. I was under the impression this meant from the continuous perspective of a single character (which mine was) and not the more literal definition of “a narrative or mode of storytelling in which the narrator appears as the ‘I’ recollecting his or her own part in the events related” (which I most certainly did not).

    Could you provide more clarification?

  4. Divinitysreach.blogspot.com

    Here’s the explicit, technical definition of what we’re talking about.


    Secret: If there’s a small discrepancy between what you submit and the requirement of the contest, but your first round submission was really excellent, we would likely lean towards allowing you to submit a re-write for the second round. Our goal isn’t to catch someone on a particular rule, only to make sure that you know what we’ve got our eyes out for. Additionally, multiple submissions are being accepted from individual writers. If you don’t feel happy with a first submission, feel free to re-write and submit another copy.

    If you’re unsure of what narrative voice to adopt, you can always take a look at both Kaenes’ Story and Naveen’s Story, with the former being far more liberal in how it uses its narrative. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the forums or the “contact us” form on the main page, and thanks for your interest in this contest. We’ve gotten more than a few excellent submissions thus far; we’re looking forward to seeing what the final rounds look like.

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