May 23 2012

About the authors; Naveen

About the authors; Kaysee (Ally)

Naveen was born in Alberta, Canada and was raised in the French province of Quebec, Canada. Her first language is French, and she learned, through her school years, the basics of English.

Years of online role playing enriched this second language and she uses it on a daily basis with her husband and everything she does online.

In 2005, she purchased GuildWars after her role playing friends pressured her to. She had played several MMOs in the past, but little did she know how her life was about to change as she blossomed through the game.

In March of 2006, Naveen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease that affects the pancreas. This would forever change her life. Now on an insulin pump therapy, she blogs about living life as a type 1 diabetic on DiabeticallyYours.

In 2007, she met a player in GuildWars, Aaron, whom she loved questing with. So much that they would hang out together for whole campaigns at a time. Their characters had a story together and actually got married in-game. Later, they decided to meet offline. Aaron visited her in December of 2007. They got along just as great as they did online, so in March 2008, Aaron, from Wisconsin, USA, flew back to Canada and never left.

Today, they are married and they have a son, affectionately nicknamed “Spawn of GuildWars”. Their love for ArenaNet’s game made it so they would meet and have this future together thus, if GuildWars hadn’t existed, the “Spawn of GuildWars” wouldn’t either. And for that, they are eternally grateful.

Naveen founded Chronicles of Tyria in April 2012. After it was featured on the Guildwars2 Facebook page in May 2012, the website grew quickly. Less than a month after it’s creation, she created  CoT’s forums and brought together a community who shared the same passions; writing, role-playing and GuildWars 2.

In May of 2012, her application was accepted as an exploration columnist within, a fan site about GW2.

She has several ideas and future plans for the GuildWars2 community and is quite the ‘overachiever’. Her next project is to be released in September 2012. But she is keeping that one secret.

Until then, keep reading Chronicles of Tyria and join the community on their forums!

If you wish to contact naveen, you can do so at You can also read her personal blog, Outrun a Centaur!

About the authors; Kaysee (Ally)


    • Syreas on May 23, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Very cool to read more about you, Valerie. Thanks for putting this together for us :3
    You married a Wisconsin boy, eh? Tell Aaron that Madison says hello!

      • Naveen on May 23, 2012 at 10:56 pm

      He’s actually *from* Madison!

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