May 19 2012

Two great Community members! Your time to shine!

The forums are officially opened!
CoT is looking for another writer! Your time to shine!

Every so often, we at Chronicles of Tyria are going to give you the praise you deserve, by showcasing some of the most awesome community members and their deeds! Today, I’d like to showcase two of those fans;

Let’s start with a player named Corey Watson.

Corey and I share an interest; New Krytan. The following is a letter he wrote to ArenaNet in New Krytan! He wrote this by hand, folks! I bet it took him a while too, and you can tell that he’s one of us; a true fan. Here’s the letter to Arenanet, along with the translation for those who don’t want to have a headache trying to decipher it!

To all of you at ArenaNet. Thank you so much for making such a fantastic game! I have been a long time player and supporter of GuildWars, and from what I have played and seen of GuildWars 2, you have just outdone yourselves. I am sure I speak for my guild and most others when I say well done! See you in game, Servek. This is our story……

Awesome, right?! We should definitely start a trend and write letters to ArenaNet showing our appreciation!


The second person I’d like to present you recently joined CoT’s forums and shared his passion for something similar to the above letter. Shadowplasm.

He has created fonts for your editing needs in both Old Ascalonian and New Krytan. How amazing is this?! You can now have all-time access to his fonts on the menu titled “Fun stuff” at the top of our page.

Here’s his signature on our forums. Can you guess what it means?


Have something to showcase? Join our forums and tell us! Be sure to follow the guidelines, too!

Until then, have fun with those fonts!

The forums are officially opened!
CoT is looking for another writer! Your time to shine!

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    • Lafia on May 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Heh, when I found the translations I written a letter immediately ^_^ But my scanner doesn’t want me to post it here :/

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