May 18

Reader submitted signs! Grenth’s blessing?

More deciphering.
Grenth bless the signs.

I have been receiving some signs to decipher (Thank you to everyone!) and let me start by saying how happy I am with the contributions! Deciphering signs takes a little bit, especially when the writings are blurry (Sometimes too blurry for me to even read!) but I’ve become quite the linguist.

So, here’s what I’ve been able to decipher, so far….

Two readers sent me the following that reads:

Where’s my Resurect portal?

Submitted by Nathan A.

Submitted by Mikko P.

This one made me laugh! You would think that in this grave-filled area, something along the lines of “Rest in Piece, Valiant Warrior” or a tribute to someone would be written. But little did we know a message from the other side was shown!

The next grave captions,

Cheswick McClain

Submitted by Mikko P.

When I realized what I was deciphering, I didn’t make much of it. “Who’s this Cheswick McClain?” was what I was wondering. And then I googled it. And My heart sank. If you have played GW1, there is one mission’s Objective at the Gates of Kryta is discovered when you retrieve Oink, the pet pig of a little boy. Cheswick McClain, is that little boy.

One of the main reason why GuildWars1 players will feel even closer than ever to a game.

Cheswick McClain

Submitted by Mikko P.

Maybe his father was also named Cheswick, because both of the graves above quote Cheswick McClain.

His father is only known as Historian McClain in GW1. Also, the text right beneath the names were too blurry for me to decipher.

The last texts were a surprise to me. While I was deciphering them, I noticed a pattern in the first letters at every line. So I thought they were saying the same thing, over and over, but upon further investigation, I found out that this was written:

Grenth bless the soul

Grenth bless the stone

Grenth bless the silence

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

Submitted by Mikko P.

If anyone has the non-blurry version of this last phrase, please come find me!

Do you have anything that needs deciphering? e-mail us at signs@ChroniclesOfTyria.com

Happy captures!


More deciphering.
Grenth bless the signs.
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