May 05

Be a part of the New Krytan signs deciphering!

The forums are being built!

With the last beta weekend, several people (including me) went crazy with the screenshots. Folders filled with high resolution screenshots and regular ones, some of them might have included signs with the new Krytan Language.

Do you have a screenshot with a sign? Would you like to help decipher it, or have it deciphered and then posted on CoT? Then please send your screenshot to us!

Send your deciphered or non-deciphered screenshot to : signs@ChroniclesOfTyria.com

You may include your name to be displayed and a link to your own website if you have one. (A little promo never hurt anyone, right?)

Happy deciphering!

The forums are being built!


  1. Tari

    That one says

    Please Drink Responsibly 😀

    1. Naveen

      Haha, you got it! 😉

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