Defending the garrison.
Out of boredom.

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When my eyes finally opened, it was daytime. I could tell by the blue skies outside my room. No, it wasn’t my room, I was somewhere else. A few people were resting in beds and clearly some of them were in pretty bad shape. Obviously the aftermath of the explosion the hand-beast created. I wondered if it was defeated, if the Centaurs left Shaemoor, but before I could ask anyone, a Priestess by the name of Amelia sat down on a wooden chair next to my bed. She started to speak and I tried my best to avoid looking at her oversized chest. For a priestess, the clothes she was wearing were a little bit provocative for my tastes.

Priestess Amelia

You were injured when the elemental exploded.” she began, “Captain Thackeray brought you here personally. You’ve been unconscious for three days.” I didn’t realize right away she had told me about the length of time I spent here after the explosion, or that the beast had a name, ‘Elemental’. All I could think about was Captain Thackeray’s arms and me missing the strength of them while he was carrying me. “He chose me over the others?” I whispered under my breath, once again that teenager feeling hitting me. Priestess Amelia most likely noticed that my face had turned beet red because her eyes rolled at me and she let out a sigh of exasperation. “You had a few visitors while you were unconscious. People you helped in the village especially. But there was one man who was also badly injured. He spent most of his time by your side.” I frowned slightly, wondering who that was. “Did he have a name?” I asked, but the Priestess shook her head. “He only wanted to make sure you would survive. Something about being injured to save your life.

So the man with the blue eyes stood by my side the whole time. I could only guess it was him because I couldn’t recall anyone saving my life when the battle was on. “Well… Thanks for taking care of me while I was passed out.” She smiled a little. “What should I do now?” I asked her, not really knowing what would happen next. The reason why I got out of the city was to explore Tyria, mostly… But I had gotten myself into something I could not turn my back to, now. This new war, a new beginning. “Well… The fields beyond Shaemoor are Kryta’s breadbasket. Since the Centaur attack, citizens are trying to rebuild their lives, but it’s tough with bandits and dangerous wildlife roaming the area. I would suggest you start by helping them.” I nodded and stood, stretching a little. I gathered my staff and my leather bags. “Thank you, again.

On my way to the fields, I passed a few stalls where merchants sold various items, bread amongst those things. I bought a loaf because I did not know how long it will be until I would see another merchant selling food. And making food… Not my forte. I was slipping the loaf into my bag when I heard him. “You’re welcome.” he said. I turned and looked at the villagers behind me. It took me a few seconds before I saw him, his back leaning against one of the stall’s wooden wall. He held an apple in his hand and brought it to his lips, taking a big chunk of it between his teeth. His blue eyes were staring at me the whole time. “You’re the ranger who saved me…” I began, and he nodded, pushing himself away from the wall. He was walking towards me, his steps almost silent on the solid ground. His brown hair was long and carelessly waved to his shoulders. “There’sh a shmart crookie.” He could have at least swallowed his apple piece before answering.

Well… Thanks. I owe you. Name your price, ranger.” A brow raised on his face and he finally swallowed the apple piece when he stepped up to me close enough that I could smell is sweetened breath when he spoke. He was at least a head taller than me, too. “My price? What for? Doing my duty?” I didn’t know what to answer. Would have I expected something from someone I’d save? Maybe I was being a little too selfish. “Well… I mean a life is worth a lot if y-” “A life is priceless.” he interrupted, “And you are naive.” “What? How dare you! You don’t even know me!” He laughed softly and shook his head,  a smile then parting his lips. “I wasn’t going to ask for a price, kid.” “Kid?! I’m not a kid! I’m old enough to drink Dwarven Ale!” It was true enough, and how dare he speak to me that way? But it made him laugh even more. I don’t know why I didn’t hit him then. I kind of wished he didn’t heal that fast and that his back would still hurt him by now. “Listen…” he started, “I wasn’t going to ask for a price, but since you’re so eager on paying for your life, why don’t you come with me, help some villagers, and I’ll think of a way that you can repay me.” Frowning, I looked at him and tried to think clearly, tried to make a decision, but it took a while for me to reach one. And he was still staring at me, waiting for a decision. I knew he wouldn’t budge until I would make one. “Alright. But you should know that my name is not ‘kid’. It’s Naveen. Naveen Kindleblade.” Might as well follow him, I was going to help villagers on my own anyways, why not have a little help.

Shaemoor and its surroundings

Vainard. Vainard Volcae.” He answered and took a step back. He bowed slightly and that’s when I noticed the white wolf padding by his side, silent as he could be. “And this is Halfear. Like you, I saved him from an attack that would have resulted with his death.” Well, the name had said it. His left ear was missing half of it. “He stuck with me ever since.” I placed my hands on my hips and nodded slightly. “Well, I’m not going to stick with you that long, trust me.” I turned away and started to walk towards the fields. And that’s when he answered back.

We’ll see about that.

Defending the garrison.
Out of boredom.
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