Out of Divinity’s Reach, into our story…

Defending the garrison.

I had never walked outside of my city, Divinity’s reach. I grew up within it’s walls, made friends, acquired the elemental skills I now possess, yet the city itself is so big that I had never felt the need to “get out”. Now that I have reached a point in my life where I need something more… Something to call my own… Something that would define my reason to be… I thought it was about time I walked out of these walls and into a world I needed to discover. So I grabbed my leather bags and packed a few essentials to survive. Of course, I didn’t think my little escapade would be too safe, so I’ve put my city clothes in one of my bag and put on safer attires; a set of sturdy leather jacket, tinted with crimson red and soft cream coloured borders, finished with dark brown belts at the waist which holds a thick, mid-thigh high skirt. Knee high boots are made of the same materials and I’m lucky to have them because on my way to the next town, Shaemorr, if it weren’t for those boots, my legs would be all made of scratches and pinned with grass thorns. It’s a good thing my silver hair is short, too, or else those pins would have made knots in it.

Within Divinity's Reach

And so here I was, walking towards Shaemoor, when unfamiliar sounds came with the breeze. The sound of battle. Something I experienced within Divinity’s Reach, but only during practice. The sound of blades meeting, fire blazing and voices screaming in both fear and shouts of war were new to me. Classes and battle sessions would usually be accompanied by a few laughs. Classmates aren’t always serious when it comes to learning, I find. I made sure I was listening though because I knew this day would come. Outside the city, where nothing is safe. Oh, Divinity’s Reach has its share of cut throats and pick pockets, just as long as you don’t hang out in the lower sections, you’re almost always away from danger. Yet as I was walking towards Shaemoor, my heart was racing. I began running towards the sounds, blood rushing through my veins with excitement and fear. I wanted to fight. I wanted to put in theory my practice. I was already whispering spells under my breath when I arrived.

Centaurs. Hundreds of them. The townsfolk were cowering in fear for the most part and I could see part of the town catching fire. Despite the rain that was beginning to pour down from the sky, I ran to the road leading to the inn. “Everyone gather to the inn!”, I could hear a man scream, shouting to people to take refuge within safe walls. But would they be safe for long? That wasn’t sure. Yet it was a good bet. So I decided to help innocent villagers by leading them there. But the town was overpowered by Centaurs. Archers, warriors, you name it. I decided to take charge.

After I’ve helped as many people as I could, I called the shots. Armed with my staff, a long stick made of oak wood, embed with a yellow shard at the top, I faced the enemies. Needless to say I was nervous, but I remained focused, not allowing any of my body parts to shake in fear or give in and forget about good decisions. My first fight. My first enemy. Thank Kormir it was fast.

This centaur had black eyes, beads that sunk in it’s skull and covered by the shadow of it’s horns. It raised a sword towards me, shield uncovering it’s torso, and immediately I remembered my teacher yell at me “WEAK POINT!“. My staff swung to the right and faced the enemy, sending a blast of fire to it’s face. When the Centaur, blinded by my fire, backed away slightly, I switched to my favourite attribute; water. A sharp, piercing wave of icy shards hit the beast in it’s unprotected chest and pierced it’s heart. It fell, as silent as it had appeared, and I was already facing a new enemy…

From one creature to another, my spells, fewer were they, were sent out towards the enemy and destroyed one after the other. And this is when I decided that I was kicking butt. Not only did I listen in class, but I was bringing everything in effect in the field and winning! Take that, Alesia. No one’s ever going to team up with you. I walked back into the Inn when reinforcement arrived and made sure that everyone I had saved previously were alright. To my surprise, I found two Seraphs, the common people’s guards, saying that the Captain of the Seraphs, Captain Logan Thackeray, needed help just outside of Shaemoor. Something was going on over there that was even more urgent than those Centaurs raiding the village.

“I’ll go. Captain Thackeray’s never failed Divinity’s Reach. If I can help him, I will.” I told them. Quite frankly, I was overly excited of the opportunity to fight along side of Captain Thackeray. He’s an amazing guardian. And any women know that he is absolutely handsome! So, sweat beading down my temples and heart racing, I ran to meet with Captain Thackeray and a few other brave souls who had joined him to face the leader of this war, the Centaur that was the cause of everything going on in Shaemoor at the moment.

Little did I know, this would be where my story would begin. This is where I would meet Vainard Volcae.

Defending the garrison.
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